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PRACTICAL laser/IPL workshop for beginners (Gold Coast) Oct 27th & 28th



This practical workshop is the perfect excuse to spend time at Mermaid Beach on the beautiful Gold Coast! It is in the relaxed learning environment at Complexions Skincare Clinic, a fully accredited cosmetic medicine clinic.

"I was recommended the Bravura Education laser courses by known and revered experts in the field of cosmetic medicine, and they were not wrong in connecting me with Elissa and her colleagues. I commenced these programs to help direct and develop my clinical wound management practice, and following my completion of Bravura's online programs and attending the Mermaid Beach practical workshops I feel I have gained the necessary ground work to confidently commence a career in laser therapeutics and integrate these skills, frameworks and clinical guidance into my current practice. Both Elissa and Gordon demonstrated superior clinical, and industry knowledge, supporting me extensively during the development of my clinical skills throughout the practical workshop. I look forward to seeing where this rabbit hole will take me. Many thanks to Elissa, Gordon and the Bravura team for their ongoing support." Joel Mason, CRNI, CNC Paediatric Vascular Access and Wound Management.


Are you new to the cosmetic industry and need to know how to start to provide treatments? Do you have your laser & IPL safety certificate and/or an Advanced theory certificate and want to know how to apply what you've learnt? Are you trying to decide what treatments to offer your clients and what machines to buy? Are you needing some more hours for your log book? Would you like to have two days to "pick the brains" of two highly experienced nurse practitioners with plenty of real world cosmetic medicine experience?


In this comprehensive two day practical workshop you will learn about client history taking, contraindications, realistic expectations, choosing appropriate clients, therapeutic parameters, clinical endpoints, hair reduction, tattoo removal and treating pigmentation and vascular conditions using laser and IPL.


You will learn about:

  1. Preparing a laser room
  2. Performing a patient consultation
  3. Obtaining informed consent
  4. Assessing contraindications and appropriateness for laser/IPL treatment
  5. Explaining what treatment involves
  6. Discussing expected side effects, risks and adverse outcomes
  7. Patch testing
  8. Performing skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal
  9. Providing follow up care and advice
  10. Determining the need for anaesthetic
  11. Recommending post treatment advice
  12. Documenting treatments
  13. Assessing pain and discomfort
  14. Managing bruising, swelling, pigment changes, burn, activation of herpes simplex virus
  15. Determining the need for cooling or smoke evacuation devices
  16. Donning personal protective equipment and infection control
  17. Developing a referral pathway.

You will be provided with course notes, plenty of hands-on experience and on completion, a Certificate of Attendance that you can use for your CPD. This experience may be used to commence a log book. You will be invited to complete the Advanced course at a reduced rate if you have not already completed it.


Models will be provided and then to facilitate the learning sessions you will be invited to practice your technique on your colleagues on the second day. There will be no cost for any treatments you have. 


We have found that the students who get the most out of the workshop have educational preparation of the highest level.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have done both our online BEGINNER laser & intense pulsed light safety training course and the Advanced course.

The BEGINNER laser & intense pulsed light safety training course is designed to prepare you to be job ready after you understand the science, systems, regulation and safety principles of laser and IPL practice.

The Advanced course is to ensure you have sufficient knowledge around clinical practice and professionalism.

When: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October

Where: Complexions Skincare Clinic 52 Peerless Ave, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast Queensland

Time: 9am-4pm

Cost: $2200 


12 CPD points/hours are gained form this workshop


Two highly experienced nurse practitioners Elissa O'Keefe and Gordon Lonie who have plenty of real-world experience and are great clinicians and teachers. They have sixty years of clinical experience between them. They will help give you the confidence to understand treating common cosmetic presentations with laser and IPL technology and improve your clinical practice skills.

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