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Laser Safety Webinar Friday October 22nd


Friday October 22

The perfect Laser Safety Certificate regardless of where you work, or plan to work. Meets AS/NZS and international standards. 

Interactive, informative, and engaging. Learn efficiently and get your skills and career up and going in no time.  Perfect Refresher course if a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) course hasn't been done since March 2018 when the new AS/NZS Standard 4173 was released.

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Who is it for?

Doctors, nurses, any staff who are in contact with lasers in the operating suite. Anyone who is wanting to start a career in the area or who needs laser safety training.


Mode of delivery

Zoom webinar. If you're new to these here's how to join in, it's very easy! You will be able to automatically download your certificate after you successfully complete the online quiz afterward.

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Investment of time

9.30am-3pm (AEST). Breaks at 11-11.15am and 1-1.30pm. Assessment is an online two-hour, open-book quiz done afterward. A workbook is provided to assist note-taking. 

NOTE: Please note that some countries/provinces/states/territories have specific requirements for using a laser. More on the Australian rules HERE. This course will help you meet the minimum national certification requirements in all Australian states and territories when using a laser or IPL.

Important cancellation notice: If you are unable to attend and advise us within 24 hours we will move you to another timeslot. Non-attendance for any reason without 24 hours or more notice will result in forfeiting your fees and re-enrolment at additional cost. This is because places are limited and valuable.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content

Operational characteristics of lasers

  • Generation of the laser beam and propagation of light
  • Characteristics of lasers and the laser beam
  • Properties of different types of lasers
  • Optical pathways
  • Delivery systems and applicators
  • Laser controls, e.g. power/pulse/time settings, emergency control and delivery systems.

Laser hazards

  • Laser-tissue interactions
  • Particular hazards of delivery systems
  • Ocular and skin hazards
  • Patient-specific hazards
  • Reflected beam hazards
  • Laser plume hazards
  • Fire, explosion, electrical and environmental hazards.

Principles and procedures for safe laser use

  • Standards, regulations and guidelines
  • Laser classification and hazard analysis
  • Audit of laser facilities
  • Laser controls in health care facilities
  • Examples of safe practice and programs
  • Equipment inspection (quality assurance) protocols
  • Investigation and management of laser accidents/incidents
  • Eye protection and protective eyewear
  • Potential for fire and explosion and protection against flammability hazards
  • Management of airborne contaminants (laser plume)
  • Electrical safety
  • Laser controlled areas—designation, warning signs, entry controls, control of access to the laser
  • Hazards of particular procedures
  • Role and responsibilities of an LSO.

Expected learning outcomes

Laser Certification
  • Explain the scientific underpinning of how and why lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) operate
  • Identify the tissue interactions when using lasers and IPL
  • Identify and interpret the legal considerations for the use of laser and IPL technologies
  • Have an understanding of the safety precautions required when using lasers and IPL in clinical practice
  • Identify potential risks and identify resources to develop safety plans for the use of lasers and IPL in a clinical setting
  • Classify, explain and select appropriate lasers and IPL for a variety of clinical presentations


Laser Accreditation

Meets AU/NZS Standards

This is a Laser Safety Certificate and a Laser Safety Officer Certificate too.

CPD Points 8

CPD Points

This course is accepted for licensing purposes by Queensland Government Radiation Health, Government of Western Australia Radiological Council; Health Protection, and the Tasmanian Government Radiation Protection Unit.

Build your career and be highly employable

This is the fundamental certification required to use a laser, operate a laser, or be a Laser Safety Officer anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. It can be used as the laser safety education evidence for a license application to Queensland Radiation Health(ED256), Government of Western Australia Radiological Council and the Tasmanian Government Radiation Protection Unit.


Training should progress from basic concepts to those that are more advanced—you will not know quadratic equations unless you are able to tackle algebra" Dr Simon Ravichandran Aesthetic Doctor and Trainer, Clinetix, Glasgow (1).

What happens once I enrol?

An email confirming your enrolment will be sent immediately and then you will be sent your Zoom login details in a second, separate email. If this second email doesn't show up, please check your spam folder. The day before, you will be sent your workbook and login details for your end of course quiz. If you do not receive an email with your log in details please check that the email hasn't been blocked by your firewall.
Any questions? Call us on 1300 001 808 or Contact Us.

What PEOPLE are saying about our laser courses

Training with Bravura Education allowed our staff to study in their own time, at their own speed and has given them the confidence to be on the floor and up and running quickly."

Suzie Hoitink RN (Owner and founder, Clear Complexions Clinics)

The Introductory (cosmetic) laser course exceeded my expectations and I'm now doing the Advanced course.

Dr Barbara Giusti (Dermatologist, ACT)

Explains a complex subject in a way that I can understand it. I really enjoyed it!

Ros Layton, (Taylor Clinic, NSW)

Practical Experience

Our online laser courses provide the convenience of equipping yourself with new skills and theoretical knowledge in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Many of our students take advantage of opportunities to practice their skills on technology that readily exists in their workplaces.

Some students, who don’t have access to technology for developing the practical application of their skills, like to spend time with us face-to-face. They can receive hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies and close supervision from qualified and experienced staff and make valuable connections in the industry. Take a look here at what we currently have for you with regard to Practical Experience. Can’t see what you need? Please Contact Us..


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Lay Buy

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your career development, so we offer highly flexible payment options.
With our ‘lay buy’ option, you select the down payment percentage and how many months you need to purchase the course. We fully-automate the highly-secured process, with only a one-time, 0.9% admin fee and no interest added!
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Money back guarantee

Moneyback Guaranteed

We have user-friendly processes that ensure completion of your course or your fees refunded. (click here for details).

To be eligible for our Money back guarantee all coursework must be completed and three attempts at the final assessments as well as any additional support as determined by our education team. There are no refunds after access to a face to face course or practical training has been granted.


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