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Western Sydney Hair Removal & Laser/IPL Safety Course-9th May (Industry Endorsed)


The demand for hair removal services in Western Sydney is huge and many people are starting their own salons or working in ever-expanding clinics.

CPD Points 8

This course is suitable for anyone who is wanting to use a laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) device for hair removal.  It enables the participant to start to use lasers or IPL for hair removal in NSW including the certification that is required to get insurance. It also includes online access to HAIR REDUCTION using laser and IPL (CPD module)

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Who is it for?

Beauty therapists and other dermal clinicians or skin therapists, people wanting to become laser/IPL technicians.


Mode of delivery

Face to face, classroom style and online module. 

A minimum number of attendees is required to run this course effectively.

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Investment of time

9am-5.30pm Saturday, 9th May

9-3-Laser/IPL Safety Course

3.30-5.30 Practical demonstration by Lutronic  (just like to come for this part? You're welcome to attend at NO cost)

Topics covered:

Operational characteristics of lasers

  • Generation of the laser beam and propagation of light
  • Characteristics of lasers and the laser beam
  • Properties of different types of lasers  
  • Optical pathways
  • Delivery systems and applicators/including IPL
  • Laser controls, e.g. power/pulse/time settings, emergency control and delivery systems.

Laser hazards

  • Laser-tissue interactions
  • Particular hazards of delivery systems 
  • Ocular and skin hazards
  • Patient-specific hazards 
  • Reflected beam hazards 
  • Laser plume hazards 
  • Fire, explosion, electrical and environmental hazards.

Principles and procedures for safe laser use

  • Standards, regulations and guidelines
  • Laser classification and hazard analysis
  • Audit of laser facilities
  • Laser controls in health care facilities 
  • Examples of safe practice and programs
  • Equipment inspection (quality assurance) protocols 
  • Investigation and management of laser accidents/incidents
  • Eye protection and protective eyewear 
  • Potential for fire and explosion and protection against flammability hazards
  • Management of airborne contaminants (laser plume) 
  • Electrical safety
  • Laser controlled areas—designation, warning signs, entry controls, control of access to the laser
  • Hazards of particular procedures
  • Role and responsibilities of an LSO

PLUS: Online module:

  1. Realistic client expectations
  2. Biology of hair growth and phases
  3. Treatment intervals
  4. Client preparation, care and follow up
  5. Devices for hair reduction
  6. Medical conditions affecting hair growth
  7. Principles of professional and clinical practice. 


The course is taught by an AHPRA registered and clinically current NP with post-graduate qualifications that include a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and laser safety certification and who is cognisant of the AUS/NZ standard 4173 for laser and intense light systems.

What you will get

What you will get:

Education and training by highly experienced clinicians, the opportunity to network with peers, a workbook, access to the online exam, a certificate of completion. Course fees include morning and afternoon tea and lunch.


Laser Accreditation

This laser/IPL safety course can be used as the laser safety education evidence for a license application to Queensland Radiation Health (ED255), Government of Western Australia Radiological Council and the Tasmanian Government Radiation Protection Unit. NSW does NOT have licensing.

Please contact us if you would like to send multiple staff
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