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3 Essentials to Comply with Laser/IPL Standards

September 11, 2019

3 Essentials to Comply with Laser IPL Standards

Wherever you use a laser or IPL (controlled area) you must have the room:

  1. Posted with an appropriate warning sign at eye level
  2. Have protective eyewear provided outside the room in case personnel need to gain access
  3. Entryway signs that are printed in black text & the graphics on a yellow background and they need to include:
    1. The laser hazard symbol in accordance with AS/NZS 2211.1
    2. The wavelength(s) in nanometres of laser in use
    3. The classification of the laser
    4. What the appropriate eye protection is for the wavelength in use and
    5. Have a notation of ‘invisible laser radiation’ and/or ‘visible laser radiation’ as appropriate

 Need a compliant sign? Here's one you can edit to suit your equipment. You're welcome!

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