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5 Risks to Clients When Treatments are by Uncertified Laser Technicians

July 03, 2019

Laser Technician Certification

1. Misdiagnosis of your skin concern and condition

If your operator does not have the correct education to understand not only the machine but the complexity of your skin, then how can they understand how to best recommend a treatment plan for you? There isn’t a one size fit all modality for the machines either. Each skin colour, type and condition require different treatment settings, intervals and complimentary skincare products. Does your technician know how to identify a suspicious skin lesion? Do they have refrral pathway if the do? Do they even ask you when your last skin cancer chwck was?

2. An ineffective  treatment

The more experienced the operator, the more a treatment can be tailored to your needs, this includes the depth of the treatment and the area they are covering. It is a science and having an educated operator makes all the difference. For example, after a few hair removal treatments your hair starts gets a lot thinner, can be lighter in colour and is growing back in patches. This type of growth does not require the same type of settings as when you first visited, so now we want an operator that is confident to change the depth and coverage of the machine. Believe it or not, the lighter and less there is the stronger the treatment needs to be.

3. Burn, hyperpigmentation or worse hypopigmentation

Understandably one of a client’s worst fears is being burnt by an IPL/laser and the result of this can be devastating! If your technician isn’t educated, then there is a risk of a burn, a darkening of the skin or worse, hypopigmentation. When hypopigmentation occurs it is pretty much impossible to get the colour back into the skin.

4. Wasting your time and money

As if the above points weren’t enough to turn you off choosing an uncertified technician, why would you waste your time or money on anyone who isn’t certified? You work hard for your $$ and even the cheap promises are not worth the risks.

Loss of faith in the technology

Unfortunately, there are clients out there that lose faith in the technology itself as they have not seen the results they were expecting or it took much longer than they anticipated. This isn’t the fault of the technology, and more to do with the way in which it is used.

Ask to see your laser/IPL technician's laser safety certificate and make sure it is from a reputable provider.

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