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Australia’s First Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team

Australia’s First Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team

We're always on the lookout for resources to support our students and have recently undertaken a collaboration with the Aesthetic MET Team (AMET). We've got a great deal for you too so read on... 

AMET membership is designed to empower all practitioners through continual education, ease anxiety through immediate phone support and guidance, and most importantly connect every cosmetic medicine clinician with nationwide experts when required. By becoming an AMET member, you truly are helping build a safer industry and improving outcomes for patients.

Complication management is by far the greatest unmet need in aesthetics. AMET is Australia’s first real-time resource designed to build a safer and more unified industry through both adverse event prevention and management. Membership is easily affordable ($348 per year / $1 per day) and includes access to an online safety education portal containing hours of information related to safety in Aesthetics including the AMET Advisory Panel approved adverse event protocols.

It also gives unfettered access to a brains trust of support people to help you when you need it. The AMET Advisory Panel consists of Dr Greg Goodman, Dr Steven Liew, Dr Kate Morlet-Brown and Dr Benjamin Burt and AMET has also established a nationwide network of industry field experts to help you (consisting of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Oculoplastics, Ophthalmologists, Cosmetic Physicians and Nurse Practitioners) who are all willing to assist should you need advanced AE assistance. This ensures that every single aesthetic practitioner is immediately networked with the geographically closest, most experienced expert if needed.

AMET believes our industry has become far too reliant on pharmaceutical companies for aesthetic education. Access to the Safety Portal also includes unbiased, evidence-based education on aesthetic medicine products including detailed anatomy images, information on dermal filler rheology, botulinum toxin preparations, hyaluronidase information and dilution, injection safety guidelines relevant to the underlying anatomy, consultation paperwork as well as a centralised regulatory section. AMET is as passionate about AE prevention as they are about AE management and content will be continually updated to include threads, bio-stimulators, fat dissolving agents and energy-based devices. It's an evolving support system.

Membership also includes access to their expert presentations, where they will interview a range of aesthetic experts to share AE case studies, anatomical presentations or review current literature (journal club).

AMET are offering Bravura Education students 10% off their membership. To secure your discount code download here.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us HERE.

Secure your AMET discount code

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