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How to I become a cosmetic injecting nurse?

When Beautiful Unique Faces Become Pretty Ugly Ones (Book Review)

I had no intention of sitting and reading Anita East's book from end-to-end in one sitting but once I started, it was hard to look away! I saw myself as a cosmetic nurse and I saw myself as a cosmetic medicine consumer and some of it was pretty unpleasant to tell you the truth!

In this brand new book Anita, a cherished Nurse Practitioner colleague of mine, lifts the lid and exposes what many of us have suspected for a while about this industry but haven't quite got to expressing out loud yet.

Drawing on her vast acting and nursing career Anita unpicks what it means to be a woman who is both confident and beautiful in our complex society and how those of us with a needle and syringe in our hands are compelled to honour that, not just profit from it.

Reading this book is a must for anyone in the cosmetic industry as it places the decision-making about what is beautiful firmly in the hands of our patients. It is clear that our only job is to educate and empower them so that they can be (pardon the cliche) the best version of themselves.  

It also has some brilliant strategies for managing the way we interact with and respond to social media, self care and managing difficult and demanding patients driven by perfection.

All of this is done with Anita baring her soul, her vulnerabilities and her tactics for staying sane in a world that demands we be perfect. All of this has a peppering of some uncomfortable and sometimes shocking anecdotes from her own experiences in her medi-spa in Brisbane.

This book should be on everyone's summer reading list whether you are a cosmetic injector or a recipient of injectable services. Enjoy, and we'd love to hear what you think. To get your copy click here

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