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Train everyone in my team in laser

Do I need to train everyone in my team in laser, or just me?

Everyone! Here are the top 3 reason why!

Your business is only as strong as your whole team

If you must be in a room treating all day because your staff don’t do the treatments, it means you won’t have any time to focus on anything else in the business. It also means it's harder to be out at a seminar or in meetings (the list goes on). What is the point of having a team if you are the only one who can do the treatments? You have more free time to build the business in other ways if you have a team that are just as qualified as you.

Bookings are easier

When a client needs a specific treatment, you don’t need to look through the diary until YOU are free, you just need to look for the next available slot if all your staff are trained and just as capable as you are. This makes scheduling so much easier and gives the clients freedom for days/times. It is never a good idea to get all the clients hooked only on you doing the services, you always need to have them trust another therapist too, because  there will be days you simply cannot treat for whatever reason. We all know there are clients (myself included) that have a favourite therapist, hairdresser, doctor etc, but we always need another person to rely on! Same rule applies for your clinic. Sometimes we don’t even know if we like other therapists because we haven’t had a treatment with them before.

You need to invest in your staff to grow

Of course, when you are first starting out there may only be you and as you grow, time/money may not be something you have a lot of to go around. To grow any business successfully, you need to invest in education, this will mean time off the floor with no bookings. An idea is to book clients in as models for a reduced price, or make it a fun experience outside of hours, as team building and do the treatments on each other. When you have a team of trained and educated staff they able to pass that knowledge onto the clients in the rooms or even on the phone when they first call your business, which means the business keeps growing.

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