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Our Online Courses are Recognised by Radiation Health Departments Nationwide

March 23, 2020

Recognised by Radiation Health Depts

We pride ourselves on keeping you up to date and recently there has been a rumour circulating that Radiation Health Queensland (RHQ) is not accepting laser/IPL safety courses done online. THIS IS INCORRECT!

Our Managing Director has been in touch with the Director of RHQ to confirm this.

Phew! Because we know a few of you will want to optimise your quiet time over the next few months by studying online with us x

Our safety courses are the first thing you need.

Our courses are recognised all over Australia. Remember, you need a license in Queensland, WA & Tasmania. In Tasmania you need a license for IPL too.

Qld & WA have mandated practical hours too. Qld expects that if you're not a health care worker you will have done an infection control certificate

Remember, only nurses, doctors and beauty therapists can do laser tattoo removal in WA.

When we are no longer having to #stayhome we can help you log your hours by providing practical in the Lismore (NNSW) premises or at your clinic. 

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