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Here's what our graduates are saying about us...

Here's what our graduates are saying about us...

  • Finally an IPL course for medical and nursing professionals! This course sets the benchmark for safe practice in IPL & laser nationally. As an RN with a Bachelor Sc., the IPL courses offered through the 'beauty industry' just didn't cut it for me and couldn't compete with the academic level of content in this course. It combines advanced light physics with dermatology and research - so much interesting learning material included. Doing this course has put me on the right path to safe, professional, best practice in IPL and laser. Thanks. 
  • The content was current and particularly relevant to my learning needs.
  •  I found the clinical papers current, useful and insightful.
  • Extremely current practice.
  • The course exceeded my expectations. I found the classes and the clinical resources provided very useful and clear.
  • Easy to navigate course. Always quick to reply to an email, very friendly and accessible.
  • Excellent course gives up to date information and best practice for clinical use.

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