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How to Obtain a Laser License in Queensland for Therapeutic Purposes

How to Obtain a Laser License in Queensland for Therapeutic Purposes

This information is provided for allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, Chinese medicine practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, homeopaths or other health professionals wanting to use Class 4 lasers in their clinical practice. Some of it has been extracted from Queensland Health documentation.

The Radiation Safety Act 1999 requires all persons who operate Class 4 laser apparatus that could reasonably be used to carry out a therapeutic procedure to hold a 'use license'. A use licence may have a term of one, two or three years. 

Applicants who wish to use laser apparatus for therapeutic purposes must complete and submit a Form 2: Application for a License to Use Radiation Sources.

Applicants will be considered eligible for a use license if, in addition to completing the application form and providing the appropriate application and license fees, they:

  1. Provide evidence of their current registration with AHPRA if the applicant is a registered health practitioner and:
  1. Submit verification that they have satisfactorily completed a course in radiation safety which has been endorsed as being appropriate for the applicant’s practice type and:
  1. Provide verification that they have demonstrated sufficient experience in the use of the laser apparatus for the intended purpose if the practical experience has been acquired in another jurisdiction. This may be assisted by providing 'verification of use' from a colleague or a statement detailing the applicant’s work history relevant to the use of laser apparatus. If the applicant has not commenced or completed their clinical training in the use of laser apparatus in Queensland, the applicant may be issued a laser trainee licence so that they may perform procedures on another person (see below).

What is a laser ‘trainee license’?

Applicants who are not able to demonstrate sufficient experience in the use of the laser apparatus may be granted a use licence for training purposes. Such a licence is colloquially known as a ‘trainee licence’. A trainee licence states that the use of laser apparatus is to be conducted in the presence and under the supervision of a person who holds an unrestricted licence to use laser apparatus for the type of therapeutic procedure proposed to be undertaken. This trainee licence will enable persons to gain practical training in the range of laser procedures permitted by the licence.

Once the supervising licensee has assessed the trainee use licence holder as being competent in the conduct of the therapeutic procedure using laser apparatus, the trainee may apply for a new licence to replace their current licence by completing and submitting a Form 2: Application for a Licence to Use Radiation Sources. In making their submission, applicants need to clearly identify that they hold a licence and that the application is for the purpose of seeking a removal of the trainee status from a specific procedure.

No fee is required when making this application. Applicants will be considered eligible for a new licence if they include a letter from the applicant’s licensed supervisor or mentor verifying that the applicant is now competent in the use of laser apparatus for the type of procedure and can do so safely and without supervision.

Enquiries for further information, please contact Radiation Health, Health Protection Unit of the Department of Health.

PO Box 2368 


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