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How to Start a Clinic In A Pandemic

How to Start a Clinic In A Pandemic




Would you have the courage to start a clinic during the pandemic?

Our latest guest, Kylie from Cosmedic Collective in Orange did just that.

In late 2021, right as Australia was going through its second major lockdown, Kylie opened her clinic.

She had planned to open her own clinic in a few years, but her timelines were brought forward when opportunity knocked.

Faced with a “Now or Never” decision, she jumped in. But her business journey has not been without its share of sleepless nights, and terrifying moments.

Here’s her story.


You don’t want to miss:

  • The Best Advice For Anyone Starting Their Own Clinic
  • How to Create Your Own Support Team
  • How To Carve Out Work-Life Balance When You Run Your Own Clinic
  • How to Stand Out From Your Competitors
  • What To Research Before Opening Your Doors


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