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How to Stay Motivated to Study Online

How to Stay Motivated to Study Online

Staying motivated to study can be a challenge, particularly if you don't have to attend a classroom. There is no reason we can’t still achieve the things we want to just because we are inside, in actual fact, isn’t that more reason to achieve all those things we have wanted to finish? Like clean out our cupboards or rearrange the garage? Here are my top tips for staying in the zone of getting things done.

Set a time each day

Dedicate a certain amount of time a day, even if its 25 minutes, schedule it in. So, you know that for example, as soon as you finish your breakfast, you are straight into the study or when bub goes down to sleep, you get to it, no other thoughts, you are just organised are ready to rock and roll. If it is pre-planned, you are there in the moment, not procrastinating for the 20-30 minutes it would have taken you to complete part of your module.

Set Clear Goals

Before starting your course, define clear, achievable goals. What do you want to accomplish by the end of your study? Whether it's gaining a certification, mastering a new skill, or simply expanding your knowledge, having specific objectives will keep you motivated and focused.

Pick your spot

Visualise where you will be, I often like to mix it up and move from the study, to the lounge, the balcony - wherever my mood takes me. Studies show that studying then taking the exam in the same space is easier when you’re in the same environment that you first learned about it, it’s a cue for your memory. True story - context-dependent memory. The more spaces you study in, the more cues you have to remember the information. Example of context-dependent memory, I worked in a clinic where I knew most of my clients by name and they knew me too, but when I saw them out in public (and out of the usual context) it took us a moment to recognise each other, as we were in a different setting.

Organise Your Space

Create a dedicated, quiet study area free from distractions. A well-organised workspace can significantly enhance your concentration and efficiency. Ensure you have all the necessary materials at hand, including a reliable computer, internet connection, and any required textbooks or resources. Don't forget to add some beautiful touches that make you happy. Sitting with a view out onto the garden might help, so might having a plant or vase of flowers on your desk.

Take Regular Breaks

Avoid burnout or musculoskeletal strain by taking regular breaks. Studying for long periods can diminish your concentration and productivity. Implement the Pomodoro Technique or a similar method to ensure you get short breaks to recharge, leading to more effective study sessions.

Stay Healthy

Maintain a healthy balance between studying and your personal life. Exercise regularly, eat healthily, and ensure you're getting enough sleep (a dream of mine, pun intended!). A healthy body contributes to a more focused and productive mind.

Reward Yourself

If you are struggling to get your study done, don’t give up, allow yourself a reward. Eat scorched peanuts (MY FAV), have a glass of wine, whatever motivates you. Find what it is that you want to reward yourself with and what works and promise that yourself AFTER you complete your study, you can have your treat. It doesn’t have guilt attached when it’s a reward, right? Who doesn’t feel good after completing the tasks they have set for themselves, especially when they didn’t want to do it? Don’t forget to celebrate yourself once you complete your final exam too!  

Eliminate distraction

It is so easy to be distracted with a full house! Children, husbands and/or housemates can sometimes get in the way. Pre-plan your study time with the adults, because kids don’t really care if you have stuff to do, it might mean hubby takes care of the kiddies during study or schedule your study time while kids are sleeping. Turn your phone onto silent, go into a quiet place! It is too easy to just stop studying because you’re being interrupted too much. Get on top of the roadblocks if you can foresee the distraction. You deserve the uninterrupted time for your education. So GO.MAKE.IT.HAPPEN!

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