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Implementing lasers into the operating suite for the first time, how do you do it?

August 10, 2016

Implementing lasers into the operating suite for the first time, how do you do it?

"Surgical laser education for all" is the key message from Tammy Burns, the District Perioperative Nurse Educator from Wollongong Hospital. Staff education is one of the four main pillars in maintaining safety and quality standards and conforming to the AUS/NZ and ACORN Standards for laser safety according to Tammy. The others are device technology choice, laser industry sales support and documentation. 

We were delighted to be a Silver Sponsor for the Informa Operating Theatre Management Conference in Brisbane and it gave us yet another opportunity to meet with our current clients, develop new relationships and gain insights into what's new in the operating theatre and industry products. 

Image: Informa Australia

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