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Is laser treatment painful?

Is laser treatment painful?

When undergoing laser or IPL treatment, some patients may feel pain, albeit this depends on both the specific laser utilised and the sensitivity of their skin.

A numbing cream or local anaesthetic might help relieve any discomfort that some patients may feel during the procedure.

Shorter-wavelength lasers, like those used for hair removal, tend to be more uncomfortable than longer-wavelength lasers, like those used for skin resurfacing. The duration and strength of the laser used can also play a role in how uncomfortable the procedure is.

When asked how laser treatment feels, most individuals compare it to a rubber band snapping on the skin. A warming or tingling sensation may also be caused by some lasers and IPL.

You may have some discomfort and increased sensitivity in the treated area for a few days following treatment. In most cases, this is treatable with over-the-counter painkillers and by keeping the affected area clean and well-moisturised.

If you're feeling any pain, tell your laser therapist right away so they can modify the intensity of the procedure or give you more numbing cream.

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