15 Tips for Entertaining Kids #stayhome

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15 Tips for Entertaining Kids #stayhome

April 15, 2020

Tips For Entertaining Kids

We have put together another list of things to do in isolation… family version…stay tuned for the "Beauty Version" just for you x

While we are all at home these days, here is another 15 things to do while in isolation, this time, a family version…

  1. Camp in the lounge room

  2. Picnic in a room of your choice

  3. Pajama day

  4. Family movie, with junk food

  5. Family meeting to all choose a meal you would each like to eat, but they must help prepare the meal they chose… AND clean up afterwards

  6. Why not judge the meal at the dinner table?

  7. Kids can clean out their toys/clothes and make a bag or box for charity

  8. Board games

  9. Hopscotch with masking tape on the floor inside

  10. Hide and seek

  11. Dance party with kids’ favorite songs (make sure you video that)

  12. Dress ups

  13. Write letters to each other and hide them around the house

  14. Watch fun workout videos together to keep active


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