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Laser Technician Course

Laser Technician Course

Are you looking for a career change? Well, we're here to help, and you don't need any prerequisites to do our courses. How good is that?

We assist people wanting to expand their job opportunities find the right course to meet their career goals. Whether you have absolutely no experience in this field or are a beauty therapist wanting to expand your offering to your clientele, we have the right combination for you.

If you have no experience at all we suggest you start with this combination of courses:

  1. Skin Anatomy and Physiology for Cosmetic Treatments - this one gives you a great foundation. for understanding how skin and hair are structured and function AND

  2. Hair Reduction Online Laser & IPL Safety Course & Practical Theory OR

  3. Tattoo Removal Online Laser Safety Course & Practical Theory

Don't forget that we're here for you to help navigate what you need. Call us on 1300001808 or reach out to us HERE.

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