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NEW: Standards for Perioperative Nurses In Australia-Laser Safety

July 20, 2020

Laser Safety Officer training course for hospitals

Hats off to the amazing nurses in ACORN who are always improving the standards of clinical and professional care in the operating suite. Like Bravura Education, ACORN supports compliance with national and international regulations, standards, and codes of practice for the use of lasers. 

COVID-19 stopped us all from attending the biennual ACORN conference in Sydney in May this year but that didn't stop the launch of these contemporary standards.

The updated standards give the following advice with regard to laser safety:

  • Mandatory educational programs should be completed for all perioperative personnel in contact with laser apparatus that provides information on the type, features, use and specific safety measures of lasers 

  • Appointment of a Laser Safety Officer and Laser Safety Committee for all facilities

  • Implementation of formalised policies and procedures.

The release of these new standards was a great opportunity for us to check that we are "on point" with our Laser Safety Officer training courses for hospitals and we sure are!

To purchase the ACORN Standards follow this link.

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