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How do I get a laser licence in Queensland?



Cosmetic Trainee Licence from Queensland Radiation Health

You need a "trainee licence" if you have never used laser before. This allows you to operate a laser under supervision while you learn to use it.

You only need four things to get this (and they all need to be certified copies).

    1. Identification

    2. Infection control qualification. This will be in your beauty qualification or AHPRA registration. If you have neither of those, enrol for a course like this from Qld TAFE.

    3. Complete the Laser Safety Online Course (Cosmetic) Our specialty! Use this form to submit these three things.

    4. Application fee.

Once you have your trainee licence, you can gain competency with your supervisor to then go onto a full licence that allows you to operate independently and be responsible for your own clinical practice.

Log Book Hours and Competency Assessment 

Identify and have an arrangement with a person who holds an unrestricted Queensland license for the procedures you would like to be deemed competent for and ask them to be your supervisor/mentor. 

Under the supervision of a full Qld licence holder you will need to perform the following under direct supervision (depending on what treatments you'd like to do). This is usually someone in your workplace. These hours are indicative not mandatory:

  • 25 hours for hair removal
  • 50 hours for skin rejuvenation
  • 50 hours for superficial vascular lesion treatment
  • 75 hours for superficial pigmented lesion treatment
  • 100 hours for tattoo removal

Maintain a log book of all the procedures you perform that is signed by your supervisor/mentor.

Full User Licence from Queensland Radiation Health

When you have completed your log book your supervisor/mentor then signs you off with a Trainee Cosmetic Laser Operator – Statement of Competency which you submit to: along with this form. This is your application for a full licence. Once you are successful in this, you are ready to perform treatments autonomously according to the conditions on your licence.

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