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Opening clinic after covid-19

Ready, Set, Go! Planning Your Clinic Opening #stayhome

What can you do during isolation to prepare to reopen your salon/clinic?

I can say with certainty, most of us have never been in this situation before. A lot of our businesses closed until further notice. While we don’t have clients coming in to see us daily, there are still many things we can do behind the scenes to get ready for when we reopen our doors.

Update your website

Is there anything you are still offering your clients that they need to know about? Perhaps you have posted on socials already, but its best to put a banner on your website with any updates. Are you taking product orders for delivery, doing skype consultation or rebooking appointments for a few months’ time? Whatever it may be, pop it up on your website.

Policy/procedure update

Ok, while you have the time, pull out your policy and procedures manual, is it up to date? There is no one size fits all for everything that is done within an organization, but there is certainly right and wrong, have a look through your manual, I bet you it needs some editing… What new treatments have you implemented, where can you update and make changes?

Check in with your staff

If you are anything like me, you have no clue what will happen in the next few weeks and months, but we can prepare ourselves by thinking, talking and planning for the days to come as far as reopening. Jump on a video chat with the staff to check in and throw ideas around,  what are their thoughts, feelings and ideas about getting back to work, what client do they miss the most, what treatment do they want to have first when you reopen.

Schedule training and input roster

Why not use this time to get the roster put in, mark out public holidays, get lunch breaks/tea breaks in, schedule training etc. Its not a hard job, but it can take a while and it is so much easier to get done while the phone isn’t ringing and clients are walking in, right?

Stock rotation/stock take

If you didn’t get a chance to do it at EOM due to closing, why not make a day of it, go into the clinic/salon and do your stock take, while you are there, dust the product shelves that have been left abandoned for the past week or so, rotate the stock, go through each room and do a inventory of what needs to be done (a can of paint maybe) or purchased (tissues). These little jobs now can make a big difference later, so that when you reopen you can focus completely on the staff and clients.

Upskill online – keep staff engaged

Are there treatments you are wanting to learn about or any staff you are wanting to upskill? We have you covered. If you are wanting any information about our payment options, safety courses, or advanced treatment courses, please feel free to reach out and use this downtime to educate yourself and your staff! Oh, and it’s all online!

New offers/re-opening special?

Remember the video chat we spoke about earlier? Why not use that time to ask the staff about some ideas for some reopening specials? I predict that there will be A LOT of maintenance that your clients will be busting through the doors for ASAP, why not take a moment to think about some packages you can put together for them so they can ‘get it all done’ like a ‘welcome back pack’ or something to that effect. Maybe they can pre purchase it, and spread the treatments, whatever works for you and your staff. Just something to think about.

Get social posts made ready to go

Another great idea is to get all your posts/blogs ready to rock and roll. All those photos sitting in your camera roll or all those ideas floating around the back of your mind for hashtags or posts, get them all ready. It will save you so much time later so you can focus on other things.





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