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The Greatest Initiative of 2022 for Business Owners

The Greatest Initiative of 2022 for Business Owners

Hey, have you checked out the Bravura Business Incubator (previously Bravura Beauties) yet? It is support, community and training for laser clinic owners just like you!

Can We Be Honest With You?

That I'm-all-alone-and-no-one-else-gets-it feeling has got to stop!

You pour yourself into your business, working all the hours available and following various gurus so you can stop feeling like a fraud, build a team and take a step back.

And at first, it seems like everything is going great!

But then you hire a new team member… And things start to crumble.

And you're back to working 70 hours a week and can't remember when you had some quality time with friends and family.

Wondering how other clinic owners manage to have a life.

And you start thinking to yourself:

Is this even worth it?

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

It's Time To Kiss The Stress Goodbye

Because honestly? There's a much better way of running your business.

One that doesn't require you to

  • Drown In Overwhelm

    You're overwhelmed and exhausted. You feel like you need an extra 12 hours in every day and struggle to stay on top of what needs doing first. You make lists but every day new things come out of the blue and railroad your plans. Whoops.

  • Struggle with Staff

    You struggle to find people to support you effectively. You dream of finding ideal team members who are proactive and smart but when you do engage team members it's a rush to train them and you and end up doing a lot of things yourself

  • Have Marketing Mahem

    How the heck do you get clients, anyway? You poured your heart and soul into your business, but are struggling to find new clients. Or maybe you’re struggling with lockdown and need support and ideas to diversify your income. The frustration!....

The fact is you’re too good to be wasting your time riding this merry go ‘round

If you’re ready to get serious about having a business that brings in good money and gives you some balance, then you have to break the cycle and find proven strategies that work.

One that gives you support along your business journey so you don't feel so alone.

Good thing we’ve got what you’re lookin’ for!

And we’re here to help you get a constant flow of clients without the angry-typing, ugly-crying, and endless hours staring bleary-eyed at your computer wondering why nothing is working.

Here's a bit about us ...

Adj A/Professor Elissa O’Keefe RN, NP is a health industry pioneer, a highly-experienced clinician and educator and was the first nurse practitioner in the ACT.

She's also the founder of Bravura Education, and the Head of Clinical Operations and a prescriber for Cosmetic Skin Therapies.

Cate is the founder of Sane Social Media, and has been helping businesses owners attract more business online for more than 8 years. She specialises in results-focused social media marketing.

​Cate is a Vision Partner with Clinic Mastery, Australia’s premier training program for building a thriving medical clinic, and conducts training on behalf of a number of digital marketing businesses.

Together we bring decades of experience in running and growing businesses.

No more overwhelm. No more confusion. No doing it all alone!

Our strategies work in our businesses, and they work for other people too.

Here's a Few Reasons Bravura Business Incubator Works So Well

  • You don't just get training, you get SUPPORT. Two live groups sessions each month to answer any questions and keep you focused and motivated

  • You get COMMUNITY. There is nothing like going through something with other, like-minded people who also give you support

  • We make it simple and easy with cheat sheets and done-for-you templates. And the best part is, we're with you every step of the way

  • These systems work. We hear over and over again that they make life easy and create success without overwhelm or stress

Here's What You Get...

The Program That SUPPORTS You To Build Your Laser Clinic Business

Exclusive Clinic Training

Exclusive, not-seen-anywhere-else laser training from Industry Expert, Elissa O’Keefe including:

  • How to Set Up a Laser Room
  • How to Conduct a Laser Safety Audit
  • National and State Requirements

    and more...

    Ditch the overwhelm and discover how to set up your laser clinic, from a pro.

    Uncover the secrets to reducing the risks to your team and clients

    Walk away knowing you have the right set up to protect your customers and your team.


    Clinic specific marketing training to make your marketing simple, easy and effective.

    Marketing Expert Cate Scolnik shares simple, easy to implement strategies for:

  • Getting in Front of More Buyers,
  • Salon Savers
  • Creating and Marketing Packages to Increase Revenue

    Understand how to get social media working for your clinic

    PLUS: Done-for-you social media posts, ready to go!


    Regular life training sessions from Elissa O'Keefe and Cate Scolnik.

    But you're not alone!

    One of the best things you can do to grow your business is to spend time with other successful business owners.


    Because it normalises success. You have a community to share your successes with, and people to cheer you on!

    And We're Throwing In These Powerful Bonuses, Too!

    We want to be sure you get your business working for you as soon as possible, which is why we're handing over these supercharged shortcuts to make it even easier.

    Bonus 1 ($197)

    COVIC Clinic Savers and Marketing Magic

    We share how to bring in business during lockdown, and how to bounce back fast once your doors re-open.

    We give you ways to create several different revenue streams that you can use to bring in business while you're closed, and skyrocket business when you're open!

    Bonus 2 ($167)

    Done-For-You Social Media Posts: Over 75 posts ready to post (Value $97)

    Over 75 posts ready to post. Download done-for-you images and graphics, ready to post or tailor to your business

    Bonus 3 ($67)

    Deciding What Laser To Buy

    Deciding what laser to buy can be confusing, and it's an expensive item to get wrong! We give you clear guidelines on what to look for and how to find equipment that will grow with your clinic!

    Bonus 4 ($67)

    Treating and Managing Burns

    A masterclass in treating and managing burns, so you can take care of your clients, even if the worst happens

    Bonus 5 ($297 Value)

    Exclusive Facebook Community

    Sick of buying a program only to find out you’ll have to figure it all out on your own?

    The biggest value we have is “no question left unanswered”. So, when you join today you’ll also get access to Facebook group - EXCLUSIVE to those who join the Bravura Business Incubator.

    And to make it even better, we also go live in the group twice each month to give expert training and feedback when it comes to succeeding within this industry.

    You’ll get instant access when you join right now.

    Bonus 6 ($297 Value)

    Private Podcast

    How often do you INTEND to watch a repeat of a live session you've missed, but never quite get around to it?

    If you’re like us, you even end up beating yourself up about it!

    Don't worry, we've got your back. Every live group coaching session is available as a recording, AND as a private podcast.

    This private podcast is available exclusively to members of the Bravura Business Incubator!

    Ready to kiss the business overwhelm goodbye and build a business that works for you?

    Here's what's waiting for you on the inside:

    ✅ Regular live coaching, consulting and support (Value $1,700)

    ✅ Exclusive, not-seen-anywhere-else laser training from Industry Expert, Elissa O’Keefe including How to Set Up a Laser Room, How to Conduct a Laser Safety Audit and more (Value $490)

    ✅ Exclusive Marketing Training from Marketing Expert Cate Scolnik, including Getting in Front of More Buyers, Salon Savers and Creating Packages (Value $490)

    It also includes the following BONUSES:

    ✅ Bonus 1: COVID Clinic Saver: Bring in Business During Lockdown (Value $197)

    ✅ Bonus 2: Done-For-You Social Media Posts: Over 75 posts ready to (Value $97)

    ✅ Bonus 3: How to Decide What Laser to Buy (Value $67)

    ✅ Bonus 5: Exclusive Facebook Group (Value $297)

    ✅ Bonus 6: Private Podcast (Value $297)

    Total Value = $3,632

    Today's Price = $197/month

    CLICK HERE to join now.

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