What to do in Isolation… The Beauty Edition! #stayhome

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What to do in Isolation… The Beauty Edition! #stayhome

April 08, 2020

Beauty Tips For Isolation

Why not have a pamper day for yourself!

What would a pamper day look like to me??? Here it is, in this order.

  1. Sleep in (can you sense a theme here with my blogs?)
  2. Make French toast for breakfast with bacon and ice cream, after all, it’s your day!
  3. A cup of coffee on the balcony (or wherever your favorite spot is to do that)
  4. 30 min stretch on my mat with some Madeleine Peyroux playing in the background
  5. Put a treatment in my hair and pull it up into a bun
  6. Grab a hand mirror and head to the best direct sunlight to tweeze my eyebrows
  7. Use an exfoliant to do a gentle but thorough scrub of face and neck
  8. Pop on a face mask
  9. Now onto exfoliating the body (by this point I will change my music to an 80’s theme)
  10. Once I've scrubbed from head to toe, jump into a nice warm shower to wash out hair treatment, wash off face mask and exfoliant from the body
  11. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
  12. Put on my favourite pyjamas or house clothes
  13. Try a new idea with my hair, I would like to put mine into 5 or 6 plait/braids and then lightly blow dry it and leave I until tomorrow to see what type of a crimp/curl I get. (This could be a cool way to try a heap of new style for when we are back out into the world.)
  14. Now its time for a glass of wine, right? Airport rules apply during isolation. So, a glass of wine, and my book, snuggled on the couch.
  15. UberEATS some lunch (burritos are on my mind today)
  16. Get creative with polishes! Paint hands and feet. I have seen a different neutral tone for each finger/toe as a current style so if I have the right colours at home, I will give that a go. Or "hello online shopping!" for next pamper day.
  17. Now I will be binge-watching the new season of OZARK all afternoon and into the night. The Byrds are indeed "all in" yikes!!

Now THAT is a beauty and pamper day in my books, beauty, rest, food and wine!

Goodnight x


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