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Why Forward Planning is Non-Negotiable

Why Forward Planning is Non-Negotiable

When I first started writing this blog I wanted to talk about career planning. Instead though, I want to talk about planning for everything that makes your heart sing instead.

Do you remember my blog when the pandemic broke out and I was sharing things that I was doing to keep sane? If not, refresh your memory here. To remind you though, I bought one thousand ranunculus bulbs and a puppy (Yes, I'm one of those people that has a "Covid puppy"!!). 

I only had room in my garden for 500 bulbs, so plant them I did. It was a pretty awful job to tell you the truth. The bulbs (are they even bulbs?) are like tiny dried up spiders and a bit freaky. Added on top of that it was moving into a Canberra winter AND I'd taken up running at 53 and was nursing a stress fracture in my lower right leg. Needless to say, I sat on my upturned bucket all around the garden and got them in.

I had no plans at all to get a new dog until I had retired but it was clear that there would never be a better time to settle a puppy in than now when travel was restricted and working from home the norm. So I cashed in the deposit I had put down on a new car (mine is 20 years old now) and redirected my funds. My chocolate Tamaruke (Australian labradoodle) girl Reggie now has her paw firmly on my heart. Again, quite the challenge having a brand new, toilet training dog in the middle of winter with a leg fracture.

With both of these decisions, I began with the end in mind. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I sucked up the parts that were unpleasant and concentrated on the future. Now I have 500 magnificent blooms in my garden and a puppy who loves flowers (although sometimes she bites the heads off them as you can see!). My heart is singing....



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