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Laser/IPL Practical Training

How Do I Get Practical Laser/IPL Training?

I was literally asked this question six times this past week… So I thought it would be the perfect topic to post a blog about.

It is such a fair question and I understand why students presume that the online and the practical go together. 

Learn in your workplace

Most people who contact us looking for practical training actually source it themselves. Sometimes it's the laser/IPL supplier, sometimes it's mentoring from a colleague, sometimes it's a part of orientation into a new workplace and sometimes it is provided by the company you buy your laser from.

A lot of students just want to ‘learn how to use the machine’ but… SAFETY FIRST PEOPLE!

Safety first!

Australian and NZ standards only require you to have a laser safety certificate as a minimum requirement to use laser/IPL in Australia and New Zealand, except in QLD, WA and TAS, where you need a licence (licence information available for these states in another blog if you need it or CONTACT US).

Logbooks and competency

If you are in a state where it is mandatory to have a practical logbook or if you are unable to source your own practical experience we provide practical training, our trainer is located in Lismore in northern NSW. She is beyond wonderful, and she is available to all of our students. We would love you to spend some time in the clinic to gain valuable hands-on training. The reason it is not included with the online course is because it is not mandatory for every state, so it is up to the individual student as to whether they want to do it or not.

Specific treatment learning 

As an extension of your own Education and to learn more about the treatments themselves, take a look at the Advanced course.

Nail the machine workings

It sounds crazy, I know,  but the online theory part of your course is trickier to learn then the manual handling of the device.  I've had many giggles with students over the phone when I say its like ‘learning how to use your oven’… Knowing what degrees you need to cook what food on, and for how long and at what setting is what you need to know, the actual turning the oven on, opening the door and putting your roast chicken in is simple. So the same rule applies for laser/IPL except you're (hopefully) not treating a chicken? But you get my point!?

So we provide you with what is essential, online. We can also provide you with practical training and we would love to give you a quote to do so, however, just know in Queensland Tasmania and WA it's mandatory for the practical logbook, in all other states you can get on the job training or purchase a machine to open your own business and get training from your supplier.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us HERE.

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