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Will Your Insurance Cover You if You're Not Trained in Laser Safety?

Will Your Insurance Cover You if You're Not Trained in Laser Safety?

Laser/IPL safety is part of usual workplace health and safety responsibilities and it constantly amazes me that there are clinicians who use equipment without understanding the fundamentals of light physics, regulations, safety and the intricacies of using a light source on a real live human.

There are new standards and they apply to all of Aust & NZ and include IPL for the first time.

Here's what they have to say about training:

"2.1.3      Training   
Personnel  requiring  laser  safety  education  and  training  include—  (a) laser  safety  personnel;  (b) laser  users,  e.g.  surgeons,  physicians,  dentists,  nurses  and  other  allied  health  professionals;  (c )laser  team  members,  e.g.  laser  operators,  biomedical  engineers,  technicians,  medical  physicists;  (d) laser  system  service  personnel,  including  either  in-house  or  contractor  service  personnel;  and  (e) incidental  personnel,  including  medical  photographers,  observers,  students,  family  members  and  industry  representatives.  Each of these groups shall (mandatory) receive training relevant to the specific needs and responsibilities for the type of lasers in use.

The  following  requirements  and  recommendations  apply  to  lasers and  ILS (IPL):   
 (b) Users  and  operators  shall (mandatory)  have  training  and  knowledge  of  safety characteristics  and  operational  details  of  the  particular  laser/ILS  in  use,  and  its associated  equipment."  

Put simply, if you use a laser or IPL, safety education will underpin your safe practice. Think of it this way, if a builder doesn't build your house to standards and the roof falls in on your head, who is to blame? I'll bet you think the builder. It's similar if it's you and there is an adverse outcome from you using a laser or IPL with no laser safety education. Do you think the insurance company will have your back?

If you'd like to upskill we can help you.

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