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Clinic Conversations


Clinic Conversations Podcast 

Elissa O'Keefe and Cate Scolnik share insider secrets on starting and scaling a laser business.
Elissa is a health industry pioneer, a highly-experienced clinician and educator and was the first nurse practitioner in the ACT. Elissa is the Managing Director of Bravura Education and the Founder and Owner of Science Skincare.
Cate is the founder of Sane Social Media, and has been helping businesses owners scale online for more than 8 years. She's also passionate about empowering women and helps mums start and grow their own social media business from home.
Together they share simple strategies to cut through overwhelm and get results!
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Popular Episodes

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How to Save Money on Facebook Ads for Your Clinic

Facebook ads can be a costly waste of time and effort, but they can also grow your business, if you know what you're doing! Here were share what to expect and how to get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar.


 How to Integrate Laser Into Your Clinic

So you have an existing clinic or salon and want to start offering laser too? We've got you covered!


How To Treat Acne Effectively

Elissa and I share our personal challenges and embarrassing experiences in this episode! Elissa also explains all the clinic treatments available including diagnosis, treatment and support. We look at at-home treatment options and in-clinic treatments options, Doctors, Dermatologists and everything in between


 Creating Recurring Revenue and Increasing Your Client Base

 We've all been hit hard the last couple of years but there are things you can put in place to build a stronger business now, and into the future.





Fresh Episodes

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