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Clinic Conversations

Clinic Conversations with Elissa O'Keefe is the ideal podcast to listen to if you want to learn more about the laser and cosmetic medicine industry. This podcast provides intelligent and thought-provoking discussions with industry experts, covering a wide range of issues, from choosing a laser device and social media to business savvy and how to avert disasters. It is hosted by the well known nurse practitioner Elissa O'Keefe.

Each episode features a different and captivating viewpoint on the most recent developments in the laser and cosmetic medicine sector as Elissa draws on her years of experience and enthusiasm for helping others. Clinic Conversations is a great resource for anyone interested in pursuing the career of their dreams or a healthcare professional trying to remain current on the most recent research.


Popular Episodes 

How to Ensure You're Not On TV For Laser Burns 

While some of you out there may dream of being on television (we know we have), one show we don’t aspire to be on is A Current Affair… for laser burns!!!



  How to Integrate Laser Into Your Clinic

So you have an existing clinic or salon and want to start offering laser too? We've got you covered!