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Queensland/Western Australia - Radiation Safety & Protection Plan for Cosmetic Practice


It can sometimes be a bit of a headache to develop the Radiation Safety & Protection Plan for your Possession License and putting it off will delay you getting started doing what you love!

A plan like this is generally about twenty pages long and covers the policies and processes required by the Queensland Government to own a Class 4 laser (not IPL).

We can do Radiation Safety and Protection Plan for you with a very fast turnaround time. We just ask you a few quick questions about your laser, your laser practice, and who will be using it, and away we go. Easy!

Once you have enrolled for the Radiation Safety and Protection Plan, you will receive an instant download option to provide the information we need to help you.

We can also give you advice on: Acquisition Licence, Room and Machine Approval, Trainee and Full Laser Licences.