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Tattoo removal advice

April 07, 2016

Don't remove it chemically. Don't remove it with dermabrasion. Don't remove it with intense pulsed light treatment. They can all cause inadequate clearance of the ink and scarring.

Did you know that the less professional and less colours the tattoo has the easier it is to remove? That those on the feet and lower legs are harder to remove? That anything with white or pastel ink can turn an irreversible black? That the longer it's been there the harder it is to remove? That yellow is really difficult to treat?

Find yourself a laser tattoo removal operator with an endorsed and recognised Laser Safety Officer Certificate, a specific tattoo removal laser and who can give you a realistic idea about total ink clearance, the number of treatments it will take and the cost. Think about what they can provide for you in terms of anesthetic too. It hurts far more to have a tattoo removed than it does to get one. Is it worth seeing a doctor or nurse practitioner so they can prescribe something for you?

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