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Laser IPL Safety Certificate

5 Reasons You Wouldn't Be Caught Dead without A Laser/IPL Safety Certificate

  1. Knowledge is power

If you know what you are doing, you can offer the best possible treatments to your clients. This starts with the education behind your services. Could you drive your car well without knowing what gear is for what or how to judge how to change lanes? Today’s clients are savvy and educated and they will have hard questions! To be able to truly have credibility and give the best advice possible, you must be educated in what you are doing.

  1. Insurance

A laser/IPL safety certificate is the minimum certification requirement for Australian and New Zealand Standards and is required to help get insurance coverage. We use the wonderful team from Sparrow Insurance who understand this industry like no other company we know of! Tell them we sent you x

  1. Safety

It’s all in the name… a laser/IPL safety course is all about the safety behind using a laser/IPL machine. It covers operational characteristics of lasers, laser hazards, principals and procedures for safe laser use. So, think; appropriate eyewear, signage for your clinic rooms as well as fire safety and electrical requirements. When you mitigate the risks, you reduce the need for ever worrying about complaints or litigation. How good is that, you can just concentrate on doing what you love!

  1. State legislative requirements

A laser safety certificate forms part of your licence application for the following states in Australia: Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia (no other states require a licence but do expect a laser/IPL safety certificate) 

  1. A high quality employer is expecting it

Honestly, a bar owner wouldn’t let you pull a beer without understanding how to do it would they? What about the increased risk of using a complex and possibly dangerous energy-based device? Any employer abiding with the Australian/NZ standards will expect all their users, operators and Laser Safety Officers to hold a laser/IPL safety certificate. Would you really want to work with an organisation who isn’t professional enough to require the most basic of qualifications? Having this certificate as part of your resume will also give you an advantage in your job seeking quest. 

We've been expecting you, enrol here :-)

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