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Choosing a Laser

HELP! Why is it SO Hard to Choose a Laser?

It's one of the most difficult things to decide on and lasers cost a fortune! Think of it like buying a new car or a home, there is a huge choice and due diligence is essential.

Did you know listed at the TGA alone there are more than 250 laser companies and that each of them has about four devices each? This list doesn't include ANY of those companies not making therapeutic claims that can sell lasers online of variable quality on Ali Baba, Gumtree or eBay. 

The choices and quality of laser and IPL equipment are so diverse that there is no one place to be able to learn about all of it. We recommend that after you have completed the online theory courses that you work within your current scope of practice, identify a more experienced clinical mentor, ensure that you have standard operating policy and procedures in place, liaise with the manufacturer of the specific machinery that you will be using and begin to record your practical experience in a log book as part of your portfolio of evidence for registration.

This helps you to increase your scope of practice in a safe and rigorous fashion and is within the usual professional development frameworks." The principles of excellence in clinical practice are quality education, professional support and working within your scope while still being in a safe enough environment to learn.

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