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  • Help! We're Getting a New Laser in our Theatres
    June 12, 2024 Elissa O'Keefe

    Help! We're Getting a New Laser in our Theatres

    Is there a new laser coming into your perioperative suite and you’re not sure where to start? When introducing a new laser into the operating theatre, there are several critical considerations to ensure patient safety, efficacy of treatment, and the well-being of the healthcare team.
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  • POSITION STATEMENT: Laser Safety Training – Perioperative Suite
    May 7, 2024 Elissa O'Keefe

    POSITION STATEMENT: Laser Safety Training – Perioperative Suite

    Bravura Education’s position is that all staff in the perioperative environment should be trained in laser safety. As a baseline, a Basic Laser Safety Course should be completed by any personnel that come into contact with a laser. If staff are responsible for the role of laser user, laser operator or LSO then..
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  • Accredited Laser Safety Course
    July 27, 2023 Elissa O'Keefe

    Who can I provide laser, IPL and LED therapy cosmetic treatments to?

    Light-based treatments like laser and IPL can be effective, but it's important to check for contraindications before starting. A thorough health history and client consultation should always be carried out, and clients with any of the following need special consideration: darker skin type, history of skin cancer, light sensitivity, medication, infection, or pregnancy. Get written consent before starting any treatment, and be sure to disclose the risks, benefits, and alternatives. Clients under 18 should have a legal guardian's agreement.
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  • June 30, 2023 Krystle Henjak

    Ever wondered about who heads up Bravura Education?

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  • Laser Course Brisbane
    May 23, 2023 Krystle Henjak

    Laser Course Queensland

    Are you looking to acquire a Queensland licence for laser treatments? Discover how Bravura Education can help you achieve your goal. Many individuals often confuse the laser safety certificate with obtaining a licence, but we're here to provide clarity.

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  • Choosing a Laser
    February 19, 2020 Elissa O'Keefe

    HELP! Why is it SO Hard to Choose a Laser?

    Did you know listed at the TGA alone there are more than 250 laser companies and that each of them has about four devices each? This list doesn't include ANY of those companies not making therapeutic claims that can sell lasers online of variable quality. 
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  • AS/NZS 4173:2018, Safe use of lasers and intense light sources in health care
    May 17, 2018 Elissa O'Keefe

    Good day, sunshine!

    This is the new IPL safety door sign.

    You need it to comply with the new Austalia/NZ laser and IPL standards.

    Contact us and we'll send you one for free because we think it looks nice and sunny and it will brighten up your day.

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