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Classroom Education in View of COVID-19 Pandemic

Classroom Education in View of COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear students,

As the Managing Director of Bravura Education and a registered health professional and academic, I am taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously.

Two of our core values are: "Choose Ethically" and "Stay Real" and in this light we are doing the following. We are currently still taking enrolments for classroom teaching as planned however we reserve the right to postpone or cancel them due to health concerns for our community.

Please be assured that if you have enrolled for one of these and it doesn't go ahead that we will refund 100% of your fees. Also please consider the wider context of this ever-changing health landscape prior to considering enrolment.

What better way to enhance your career and use your time wisely though than considering doing something online with us from the comfort of your home? Our online courses will be flying along as usual.

Stay well.

Adj A/Professor Elissa O'Keefe RN NP FFACNP MACN





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