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How do I apply to have a laser in my Queensland clinic?

How do I apply to have a laser in my Queensland clinic?

If you are a clinic owner wanting to introduce lasers into the workplace, the Laser Possession Licence is the first thing you need to get cracking with!

We break the process down for you here in six simple steps:

  1. The Queensland Radiation Health Department requires that a Radiation Safety & Protection Plan (RSPP) be submitted as part of this as well as the qualification and identification of the owner. The RSPP is essentially a risk management plan to ensure that the potential hazards are identified and that prevention strategies are in place. You will need to nominate one person as your Radiation Safety Officer, this obligation is met by doing one of our Laser Safety Officer Courses. These documents run to about twenty pages when done properly. Need help developing yours? We're here for you. More information HERE.

  2. Once you have your Possession licence, you need to apply for an Acquisition licence to buy and install your laser. This is an easy piece of paperwork and can be found HERE.

  3. Your laser room will need to be certified by an authorised person. They are looking for correct room signage, a tested and tagged fire extinguisher in the room, window coverings and an absence of reflective surfaces. To find somebody to do this for you please CONTACT US

  4. An engineer from the company you bought your laser from (or one you engage independently) is required to install and do a safety check on your device.

  5. There are seven key clinic policies you'll need for your practice too according to the Laser Standards (4173:2018). We've got this sorted for you with done-for-you, editable templates. Finesse them and add your logo and away you go!

  6. Users of your laser will need to have a licence. HERE is a link on how to do that.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us HERE.



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