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How long should a laser safety course be?

How long should a laser safety course be?

I've just finished running a Zoom laser safety course and it took five and a half hours (not including the exam). I've seen a couple of other courses being advertised recently, one was for an hour and a half and the other for three and a half.


Today at the hour and a half mark we had covered the complexities of light science and began to do a deep dive into the different types of lasers and IPL. At three and a half hours, we had unpacked regulation as well as the classification of lasers. It wasn't until we had nailed these topics that safety and clinical practice could even be introduced and we applied all of our morning's learning into how it relates to protecting ourselves and our clients and promoting excellence in our clinical practice.  When 3pm came we were all surprised at how fast the day had gone by and comments included "I thought laser safety was going to be boring, but I was wrong".

Now I'm all for quality over quantity but seriously? There is no way you can cover all of the essential topics in a shorter time let alone apply it to clinical practice, and trust me I've been doing this for seven years now, so if you could, I would have (a time waster I am not...) 

So when you're considering enrolling for a laser safety certificate, cheap and quick doesn't cut it. Whether you want to do it at your own pace online or join us for a "Done in a Day" course, you'll feel safe knowing that we don't cut corners and are proud of the education that our graduates take with them.

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