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Laser IPL Course Cost

How Much Should Laser/IPL Courses Cost? 4 Steps to the Answer.

We all love a bargain right? But the old adage "You get what you pay for" rings truer now than ever in a world of fake news, Instagram influencers and flimsy products.

Cost is the amount of money required to purchase something. Simple. Cost though is NOT value and this is the important part. We see so many students who have wasted hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on cheap solutions that ended up costing them in money, time and energy before we help get them sorted and on their way with their career.

Take Catie for example. She rang us for the first time today because she has purchased an online course for $395 from another provider. She lost her money and didn't gain a certificate because she was thrown off their learning management system after a month. With our complex and busy lives, all of us know that a flexible end date is ideal. She has lost her trust in them and so has come to us for help.

Value, on the other hand, is the usefulness or desirability of a good or service. How much do you love it, and what it is worth to you? For Caitie, choosing our flexible online course with no end date for an additional $125 would have saved her time and heartache and also from the negative sense that she's been ripped off. She is no longer a fan of the well known Sydney beauty school.

Value is not a number, but often we can compare the values of two things, especially if they are similar, but in the words of George Orwell "some animals are more equal than others". Intuitively we see value as being intrinsic and stable over time, but analysis shows it must be somewhat dependent on individual preferences and context. Do not confuse cost with value because it is everything other than the dollar you should be considering. Some animals are indeed more equal than others.

Honestly, you do get what you pay for. The things top four things that you need to consider when you're considering the VALUE of your laser or IPL training are:

    1. What is the breadth of skills and knowledge of your clinical trainers? Can they only teach on a limited number of devices? Do they have the business acumen to help guide your decisions? How do they suggest you discern which machine to buy? What qualifications do they have or are they glorified, salespeople? Is their company industry endorsed?
    2. How does the cost of your education compare to how much you will make if you get up and running quickly and efficiently? Take for example the cost of doing both our Beginner and Advanced online courses, to pay for them you would only need to do three full-face pigmentation treatments to pay for them completely.
    3. What else is costing me while I procrastinate or make the wrong choices? Every minute your piece of equipment sits there not working for you is costing a lot of money. You can easily burn $500 a week in repayments while you get your education sorted. What about your staff member who should be working at full capacity but isn't? Their $15 eyebrow wax could be a $120 laser treatment instead. Get online and do it now!
    4. What else are you given as part of your course? How about the flexibility of an end date? A payment option? Some free policies to help you adhere to the national standards? Time because you don't have to complete useless modules that don't interest you?

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