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7 Things You Should Know About Counterfeit S4 Products in Cosmetic Practice

January 17, 2019

7 Things You Should Know About Counterfeit S4 Products in Cosmetic Practice

  1. Only medicines approved by the TGA can be lawfully imported into Australia and medicines cannot be imported from overseas but must come through an authorised prescriber

  2. The maximum civil penalty for individuals is $1.05M and body corporates $10.5M

  3. Additional criminal offences of up to $840 000 can include:
    1. the use of the goods has resulted in, will result in, or is likely to result in harm or  injury to any person
    2. the use of the goods, if the goods were used, would result in, or would be likely to result in, harm or injury to any person 

  4. The FDA has no jurisdiction in Australia and so medications approved by them and not by TGA are illegal

  5. Prescribers must meet their professional obligations (doctors, nurse practitioners & dentists)

  6. Counterfeit medicines are an unknown formulation with potentially life-threatening outcomes

  7. If you are found to be using counterfeit products you may be criminally and civilly charged and subject to professional disciplinary action


Reference: Baker McKenzie. Importation and Supply of Unapproved Medicines. 27 August 2018.

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