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Self Care Tips

20 Self Care Tips We Love

Self-care looks different to everybody. Some of us need time and space alone, some of us need a weekend at the spa and some of us need to be social and have company! 

Over the past few weeks, while talking to family and friends I have heard lots of different things that help us stay ‘happy’.

Here are 20 ‘self-care’ tips, I hope you find a few new ones to try….


I myself have never perfected the art of meditating, however, it has been proven to reduce stress, help with emotional wellbeing, and help with anxiety. For the few minutes I can focus, it is very peaceful and calming. Something I would like to master.

Skincare routine

For those of you (like us here at Bravura) who are addicted to skincare, or for those just starting out, why not invest in some skincare to help you feel good during these times. Our recommendation is Science Skincare Australian owned and made, and made with the ‘science’ of our skin in mind, do yourselves a favour and check them out! If you have any questions at all, shoot them an email at


Now is the perfect time to cook your favourite winter dishes in advance, as opposed to throwing something together after work. Practice new recipes or even experiment and try new cuisines. I have been baking the bread from previous post almost daily…. Hello warm bread with too much butter!


Get out of the house, walk, jog, skip, ride, get some fresh air! Pop your headphones on and step to the beat if you like, or just enjoy the sound of the outdoors. I have a few flights of stairs in my building, so I have been going up and down those (A LOT) while chatting to friends on the phone, communication and movement in one!

Exercise. Yoga. Pilates

I mentioned walking above, which of course is exercise, but also just a form of maintaining your mental health. There is no shortage of exercise routines for home workouts atm. YouTube, Insta, Face, local gyms, almost every platform has workouts FOR FREE if you don’t want ‘sign up’ to anything. Try the Nike one which is free during the pandemic.

Colouring in

Buy a colouring in book! I thought this would be a tad boring for me, when in fact, it is almost addictive once you get into it and it is such fun! You can accidentally waste an hour or so! Winning!


Allow yourself time to ‘just be’ and stay in your PJs. Allow yourself to fully relax. Before we know it, the worlds borders will open again, and we will be going go go!

Setting small goals

Whatever they may look like to you! As small as cleaning out the fridge and freezer to repainting the kitchen. Set and smash goals, no matter the size, to keep feeling accomplished.

Remaining socially connected

There is no shortage of ways to stay connected right now! Text message. Phone call. Viber. WhatsApp. Email. Facebook. Instagram. Zoom. House party. You can have a chat, dress up and ‘meet’ or a drink over video or even organise a dinner part between families. We are apart in person, but we can all stay connected.

Keeping your nails painted

Freshly painted and manicured nails make you feel good, so take the time to keep yourself feeling as good as possible. Play around and create a cute art design while you have time (nobody will see it if he flowers you tried to create look like stars or vice a versa).


My Mum is especially excited about having time to be out in the garden now. She is practically spending all day out in the garden, so she is getting fresh air, tiring herself out and enjoying ‘coming home’ afterwards 😉


We have time to read our favorite books and to read to and with our children too!


This could be in the form of journaling or keeping a diary of ‘your days in isolation 2020’ What a trip that will be to read over in 10 years!


For those wonderfully talented peeps out there, utilise this time for your passion! Create and share what you have! I LOVE seeing a friend of mine post her videos on insta of her singing! It honestly makes my day just to see someone express themselves! Please feel free to share with us at a painting, drawing, singing or dancing video, we would love to see!


If you are not blasting music and dancing around the house already, try it! Enough said!


Perhaps we already do this, but given we have so much extra time now, what a perfect time to explore ourselves more deeply to understand ourselves fundamentally and to appreciate why we are feeling certain ways during this testing time.

Organise your spaces

Clean, chuck, sort, dust, re-do… Cupboards, draws, linen closets! I bet you find things you thought you lost or that you forgot you had.


I know you are all using your time wisely and making completing your courses a priority! Have you left a review for us yet? We would LOVE to hear what we are doing right and what we need to be doing better… we'd love your review Please take 30 seconds to do so now.

Blogging and vlogging

Have you ever thought about starting a blog or a vlog, either on your website, YouTube or Pinterest perhaps? Don’t think about it and stress, just get started (that is the simple advice my current and amazing boss gave me, about 11 years ago when I felt overwhelmed with a work task and it has helped me though and stuck with me to this day)!

Pour yourself a drink at the end of the day and enjoy every sip! Take moments to enjoy these times. Cheers

Krystle x



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