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Why is Skincare Important

Why Skincare is a "Must Have"

Why is skincare important?

Besides needing it to protect the barrier of our skin, the skincare we choose and recommend to our clients is essential to having beautiful, healthy skin.

Maintain in-clinic treatment results

As usual, I will use a gym analogy, if you work out in the gym and go home and eat junk food, it doesn’t enhance the results (although I am sure we have all done it once or twice before). The same is true for having in-clinic treatment(s) and then going home and washing your face with soap. To maintain your skin, and to improve upon it, you must have a good skincare routine.


Would you agree that ingredients, in food, for example, make a difference? Or you prefer one brand over the other, for reasons such as taste, texture, smell, etc? That all comes down to the ingredients used. We have the choice between so many products each with different ingredients, some active, some natural, some awful, some irritants, some simply to help the products slip and glide over the skin. In my opinion, anything sitting on a supermarket shelf has more nasties in it that we should be putting on our skin, so steer clear of skincare you can pick up off a shelf yourself.


Starting a simple skincare routine as maintenance in your teens is a good way to get into the habit of taking care of your skin. Something as easy as a cleanser and moisturizer, just like using shampoo and conditioner on your hair, this will keep the barrier happy and as you age, you can add in the extras, like exfoliation, serums, eye cream, etc. It is good to start early and take care of your skin, instead of waiting till you need to repair it later on.

Choosing what is right

How to choose, how to choose? There is sooo much to choose from, so where do you start?!? Every other billboard, Facebook and Instagram ad, plus every 3rd page in a magazine has skincare claiming to be THE skincare. Remember not all skincare suits all skin, so there can be some trial and error here. Visiting your clinic/salon and talking to a professional in this area is the way to go. They can analyse your skin and recommend the best products for you. Stick within your budget, this is an investment, so start with what you can, and enjoy the routine each day and night, it will become a lovely addiction. Each pay add a cream, or mask as you can.

Post Disclaimer

This blog post has been vigilantly researched and fact checked to ensure that it is accurate, reliable and up to date. You must keep in mind that errors and omissions may occur and that we welcome any feedback or corrections in this regard. We encourage you to do your own research to verify the accuracy and contemporary nature of the information presented.

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