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Covid19 Stayhome 20 tips for laser clinics

20 Tips for Feeling Accomplished and Sane #stayhome

What can we do with ourselves while we are in isolation? I've been learning all about how to entertain myself and my seven-year-old as we've been in isolation now for a few weeks.

This can be a difficult time for many, some financially, some mentally. Here are twenty ideas to stay on top of our days, so our days don’t get on top of us!  

While some of them are fun and exactly what days off should be about, there are some more productive ones in there to keep you feeling accomplished. 
  1. Sleep in (let's face it, you have all of your travel to work time up your sleeve so use it wisely)

  2. Read a book (not just for work, track down an audiobook of something you've always wanted to read. I've been wanting to read Paris Was Ours by Penelope Rowlands)

  3. Try a new recipe (my latest was using the meat from the broth I'd cooked in the slow cooker to make a ragu)

  4. Put on your fave music and dance around the house (I'm an eighties tragic, anything by Mariah, Whitney or Madonna has me bopping around) 

  5. Online study (we have plenty for you) 

  6. Sort out that drawer in the house that is full of junk (maybe just tip it all into the rubbish at once?)

  7. Challenge yourself to something….10000 steps around the house for example 

  8. Start a journal that is for your family to read in 100 years

  9. Binge-watch TV and eat junk for a day 

  10. Dust the skirting boards (they're pretty feral if you're anywhere near a bushfire zone) 

  11. Make a list of the ultimate 5-year plan or maybe what 5 things you plan to do as soon as we are out of social isolation?

  12. Send an email to friends, like a pen pal in the old days

  13. Deep clean the bathroom today, kitchen tomorrow, etc  

  14. Research something you have always wondered about 

  15. Draw, paint or color in, check out the Happy Colour app or try paint by numbers (Paint By Number lets you upload your own image and have it converted to a kit)

  16. Board games, have you ever played Imaginiff?

  17. Face mask, body exfoliation and hair treatment - a whole pamper day  (more on how to do this soon)

  18. Reorganise the cupboards 

  19. Admin day, we all have life admin to catch up on! 

  20. Treasure hunt with the family 

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