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Treating Pigmentation with Laser and IPL

October 02, 2019

Pigmentation with Laser IPL

 Beyond hair removal

When you think about laser or IPL, do you automatically just think hair removal? These clever and mighty machines can do so much more than that. If you haven’t had a treatment for your pigment before, DO . YOURSELF . A . FAVOUR !

A perfect match

IPL and lasers are designed with a very specific wavelength that is essentially attracted to anything that is dark within the skin, so they LOVE pigment whether it be sun damage, freckles or melasma.

Don't confuse the light

NO fake tan or recent sun exposure is so important as we want the light to target the unwanted, pigmented skin, not the tan, and if your tan is too dark, we either need to cancel your treatment or turn the setting of the machine right down which can mean your treatment isn’t as effective for you.

Where does the pigment go?

The laser/IPL light is absorbed by the pigment cells and the heat (or in the case of the popular “pico” laser it shakes the cells) and they are disrupted and eliminated by the body naturally.  The pigment then rises to the surface of the skin or goes into the lymph system and our bodies naturally expel it.

What will I look like afterward?

Most times, you can expect a light crusting of the pigment that can last up to three days, it looks a lot like tiny grains of Milo. As tempting as it can be, do not pick at it, let it fall off naturally, picking the crusted skin before its ready to come off can cause scarring, so just keep it moisturised, put SPF on and let it do its thing.

How many will I need?

Depending on how deep your pigment is beneath the skin, will determine how many treatments you will need, for example, if the spot is right on the surface of the skin, you may only need 1 treatment, but for that sun damage on the 60’s/70’s babies who spent their summers in the sun minus the sun protection, you may need a course of four or more treatments as it needs time to all come to the surface and slough off. Melasma is especially tricky as it is deep and has a vascular component too. An expert will be able to give you specific guidance on controlling melasma but it is a chronic, long term issue.

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