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Laser practical experience

Where can I get laser practical experience?

The question on everyone's lips!! There are three main ways to gain your practical experience and only three states where it is mandatory to do so, meaning, your theory certification is required at a minimum and practical is optional, unless you are in QLD TAS or WA where a logbook of hours is necessary for a user licence. OK, so back to the main ways to get your practical experience…. With us, with your new employer or from your supplier.

With us

Our wonderful trainer is located in her own clinic in Lismore at Destiny Cosmetic North Coast Anti-aging Clinic and is available to take students one-on-one, after you have completed the theory component. This option is perfect for students who don’t have access to equipment, for those who want to expand or refresh education or to sign your logbook off for licence application. You will have access to the latest devices, the models, and a fantastic trainer! Let me know if you would like a quote. 

With your new employer

Depending on what your new employer is looking for, there may be the option for on-the-job training. Work experience is also an option, it is worth asking and looking into your local area for what’s available.

From your supplier

If you goal is to open your own business, when you purchase your machine, your new supplier will provide you with the practical side of things. All good suppliers include solid practical training as part of the sale.

To recap…. When you want to enter the wonderful world of being a laser and/or IPL operator, IF you live in QLD TAS or WA. You MUST have practical hours logged to apply for your licence.

If you live in any other state, you don’t have to have these hours to get a job or open a business, the minimum requirement for insurance purposes is a laser safety certificate aka our beginner course. I know it sounds counter intuitive however learning how the machine works and how to safely use it comes from theory, the practical side makes more sense and comes far easier once you have the theory mastered.

As always, I am here to answer any questions you have, reach out to me

Krystle x

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