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What to expect with laser tattoo removal

April 21, 2016

What to expect with laser tattoo removal

  • You may have incomplete resolution of the tattoo or “Ghosting" as it's sometimes referred to as
  • Lots of treatments, 47% of tattoos require up to 10 sessions and  26% require more than 15 sessions
  • Response will be reduced if you are:
    • a smoker
    • the colours used in the tattoo are any other than black
    • it's larger than 30 square centimetres
    • on your feet or legs
    • is more than three years old
  • It can be painful and you might need analgesia (pain relief) prescribed for you
  • Your skin may scar or darken
  • Believe it or not amateur tattoos generally resolve better than professional ones because the ink isn't deposited as well in the skin.

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